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This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Brad Runyon who was born in Texas on October 06, 1954 and passed away at home in Kansas City, on October 12, 2005 at the age of 51, after a brave fight with cancer. We will remember him forever. 

We miss his laughter, his sense of humor, and his wit. We miss his wisdom, his honesty, and his opinions. We miss his warm touch, his firm hugs, and his gentle kisses. We miss his singing, his appreciation of our accomplishments, and his willingness to listen. We miss sharing life with him. We miss being loved by him.

Thank you, Jesus, that Brad will always be a part of our lives through our memories of him. Thank you, Jesus, that in all our memories we never have to doubt how much Brad loved us.


The music you hear is a from a Vineyard Church recording Brad had on file. The title is "God will Make a Way" and the recording simply said "Vineyard--Acapella."

Please feel free to add your memory of Brad to this website in the Tributes and Condolences Section. It is real comfort to know others are remembering Brad too. You may also light a memorial candle whenever you would like. It is very easy to do. We find great blessings in reading your words. Thank you for remembering with us. 
God Bless you.

There is a new photo album with pictures related to our wedding. You can click on the photo albums tab to switch to that album instead of the main album. This allows you to view the pictures on a page rather than as part of the overall slide show. If you view the pictures as a slide show, you will see all the pictures that are on the site.



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Tributes and Condolences
Wisdom- From God, to me, to you.   / Amanda Carrin (youngest daughter )
Isn't it interesting how the Bible talks so deeply and repeatedly about wisdom? It tells us that it is worth more than money or priceless jewels. I would say beyond a shadow of a doubt that my dad was wise. He often reminded us of his intelligen...  Continue >>
Five and grief.   / Pam (Wife)
It is fast approaching the five year mark of Brad's death. Leftover lessons from Grief Class 101 and a few years of experience finds me fairly well prepared for this upcoming anniversary. I am not in a panic. However, during the p...  Continue >>
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His legacy
A Reflection of Brad's Heart  

When I first began to walk on this road You've brought me to, I thought the greatest thing woud be to have you use me to share the wonders of the cross with the sinner that is lost, to heal the sick and set the captive free. But now I understand that when You took me by the hand, Your great desire, Lord, was to make me like Your son, with a heart to worship and to know Your presence, To let Your Spirit form Jesus in me. All those things I tried to do, all the words I tried to say, When all along You just wanted me to love You; to enjoy that special time that would be just Yours and mine--Every day--learning how You love me. And now I understand what delights Your Father's heart. Not all those things I'd do, but to come and be with You. To worship at Your throne, spending time with You alone, To let Your spirit form Jesus in me.

(by Barbara Richmond, 1989)

October 2012  
Today is October 16, 2012. We would be celebrating fall if Brad were here with us. Instead, I will celebrate memories as I have done especially during the past week. What a gift from God it is to be able to do that. I know continuing to take October 12 off from normal routines has been a very important piece of my ongoing healing and continued growth since Brad’s death. My prayer is that anyone reading this will take to heart that it is ok to find you own way through your grief as long as you are moving forward by living the life you still have. God loves you. He is there to hold you as you move forward even if it is just tiny, baby steps. For me, a HUGE part of this thing called grief has been honoring my own need to remember Brad in my own way. As time has passed, this month has truly become more about celebrating memories of Brad then about the consuming grief of the first few years. I hope that gives others hope.

Brad’s birthday was just a few day before his death. This year it was a very pretty weekend here in Missouri, and I imagine Brad and I would have gone to Weston to poke around in all the little shops. We would have purchased some fudge and maybe a little fall decoration or two; something cute to make me smile. Brad enjoyed seeing my enjoyment of those types of things as much as he enjoyed the stuff we would buy. That is such a little thing to remember. But isn’t it a nice, warm memory to have about a person!

We would also be taking many walks now. Like every marriage, there were times we’d walk hand in hand and enjoy one another and just being together. Other times, we’d walk together yet independently because we were annoyed with each other over some issue. Walks were sometimes gabfests about the workday or a problem with one of the children. As we got older, our walks were often quiet times of mutual refuge appreciating God’s created beauty all around us. I would say that most of the time, with cancer and related issues aside, the older we got the wiser we got about appreciating the fact that we had one another to share “LIFE”.

Sometimes, we supported each other wonderfully in making healthy choices like taking those long walks. Other times, we joined together to indulge in less healthy but thoroughly enjoyable treats Brad loved like chocolate chip cookies, big bowls of ice cream mixed with Nestles’ Quik, and at this time of year, my homemade apple fritters! Food is such a big part of family and life. I did not fully appreciate this reality until Brad was faced with never being able to eat food again. Watching him struggle with that made his consumption of his first chocolate chip cookie months after his original cancer surgery a victory celebration. I cherish that memory because it reminds me of Brad’s tenacious, almost indomitable spirit!

Brad exhibited that tenacious spirit right up to the very last of his earthly life. I recently shared this memory with one of Brad’s closest friends who always gives me a call on Brad’s birthday because he always called Brad. Here is the memory I shared with Robin last week.

Every day leading up to October 12, 2005, as Brad reclined in his hospital bed here in our home, he would ask me to get the prayer request list from the church and from his email lists on the computer. I would read it slowly to him. He wanted to hear each request and to pray over each one. As you can imagine, it was a time-consuming process for a dying man and his tired, sad wife. During the last week of Brad’s life, I asked him if we could please stop doing this and let other people pray while we focused on us.

This was Brad’s reply to me as he took my hand and looked me in the eye: “Pam, this is how I’ve been living my life for a long time. This is what I do. This is how I will die - praying for other people. I can’t stop doing this.” This is one of the last memories I have of Brad.

It would be very hard to put into words what this memory means to me. It would be impossible to tell you how this memory has helped to slowly transform my own life. I can tell you that it is a glorious and blessed memory. What a testimony Brad gave me with those few words. I wonder if he knew that when he said it? I do not think so. I think he was just speaking his truth, and that is pretty much how he lived his life.

Thank you, Lord God of heaven and earth, for all the memories of Brad. Thank you for how you, God, have continued to weave these memories into my life as I move forward with you. Please be with other people who are earlier in their grief journey and help them find and hold their memories in such a way that they are comforted and healed of pain. Help those hurting people to move forward with you in their own lives. Amen. Brad would like it that I end this post with a prayer for other people!
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